TKT preparation courses at AIE

TKT is a series of modular teaching qualifications which test your knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. It will help you to build your confidence, and is a cost-effective way to get an internationally recognised qualification. Whether you are a new teacher or have years of experience, TKT is ideal for people who need to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.

Core modules:
• Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching
• Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
• Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process
(36 hours) / (3 months program)

Specialist modules:
• TKT: CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning
(16 hours) / (2 months program)

*Flexible schedules and individual sessions are available subject to availability.



Course Delivery


Class Duration

2 hours per week

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